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How remote work has affected the work in the company

Created by: Sept. 2, 2020, 10:36 a.m.

In early 2020, a terrible virus hit the whole world, which threatened human lives. In view of this, people were asked to stay at home and many companies were forced to relocate their employees to remote work. Organizations have had to adapt to the new work regime, and in this article, we will talk about how remote work has affected the work in the company.

Of course, the pandemic has made its own adjustments to the development of remote work. Companies had to urgently seek solutions that would not compromise the quality of their employees.


When switching to remote work, most companies faced the following difficulties:

Equipping home workplaces for employees;

Remote employee communication;

Remote control of workers.


When switching to a remote work format, many employees faced a number of problems:

Adaptation to a new regime;

Moving to remote work isn't just about moving your laptop and headset from the office to your home. Employees get used to the lack of office atmosphere and people around. The most difficult thing is to reorganize for those employees who have children or other household members that require attention.


Lack of personal interaction with colleagues.

Most of the employees working in the office are used to discussing work issues with colleagues in person. In addition, there is always informal communication between employees in the office, which is also important for some employees.


How has remote work affected the work in the company?

It should be noted that companies that switched to remote work were able to immediately identify flaws in their work processes, which eventually began to complicate work in the new environment.

In addition, in many companies, the remote work format extended the working day of employees by an hour or two. The employees were in the office at a strictly allotted time and all unsolved tasks, as a rule, were postponed to the next working day. With the new work format, many employees work harder to complete all assigned tasks.

Also, remote work has influenced the work in the company in the sense that with this work format, the employee can work at his own pace, and not in the mode of his team.


Monitoring employees remotely has become more difficult than in an office environment. In this regard, many managers have resorted to programs that track employees' tasks during working hours.

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