- Remote virtual team

Special tool for organize your company remotely.

Use cases

How to train new employees in a remote work environment?

The system will allow a new employee to learn his duties as quickly as possible and enter the working regime.

How not to burden employees with various tools? makes your work easier. Online screen monitoring, task execution control and much more happens in one service.

How do I know what my child is doing at the computer? can be used by families with children for parental control.

How to quickly and safely exchange information with other users on the Internet? guarantees the safe transfer of files between employees and its safe storage on its own secure server.

How to offload technical support? provides a function of online monitoring of the client's screen in real time, which allows offloading technical support.

Reducing the time for setting tasks in services

With you can save time on setting and managing tasks.

Is it possible to receive notifications about each stage of the workflow

With, you can receive alerts about every step of the workflow.

Have employees become less productive?

With, you can not only set tasks for employees and connect them with a time tracker, but also see the progress of the task on the employee's screen

How can I track the progress of the assigned tasks?

By introducing into the company's activities, the manager will be able to track the execution of tasks by employees on their screens.

How can employees keep in touch while working remotely?

With, employees can stay in touch while working remotely.

How to protect confidential company data?

With you can store files on your own secure server.

What amount of time employees work remotely?

Сервис дает возможность осуществлять контроль рабочего времени сотрудников.

How to find out what employees are doing in the workplace? software will allow you to monitor the work of employees and see what is happening on their screens.

How do I share my screen with anyone on the internet? provides fast and secure access to your screen for any user on the Internet by generating a temporary link.

Recording video instructions presents a solution for recording video instructions without installing additional software.

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