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Nov. 1, 2020, midnight


Computer application

• Security and open token for the application;

• Checking the status of the user when receiving a screen;

• Display of errors.

Screen sharing

• Creation of tabs with rooms;

• Refinement of the pop-up window with the user's screen;

• Alignment of the grid on the common panel with screens;

• Generation of temporary links for access to the screen for unregistered users;

• Modification of the time of the last user login;

• Improvement of the screen display by temporary link.

Personal account

• Improvements to the dashboard;

• Displaying other people's shares in the company;

• Automatic determination of the user's time zone;

• Creation of the Plan section in the menu;

• Displaying a list of employees in the Companies section;

• Refinement of devices;

• Creation of the section Payments in the menu;

• Elimination of errors when adding and removing employees;

• Refinement of charges for tariffs.


• Filling in contacts and sections in the footer of the site;

• Sort blog posts by date;

• Filling in the landing page.


• Description of notifications;

• Setting up notifications by the user;

• Regulation of notifications of other users by the administrator and the manager of the company;

• Improvements to the display of notifications.


• Loading files with the extension .dmg.

Video recording

• Saving video to the server;

• Downloading video recording while saving it to the server;

• Download files with the extension .webm;

• Finalization of video recording.


• Create a pop-up window and alert about an incoming call;

• Call completion.

Referral program

• Accrual of interest to the user when replenishing his account by a referral;

• Currency accounting when calculating referral interest to the user.


• Create an edit page for integrations;

• Refinement of display of integrations.


• Modification of tariffs;

• Connecting auto payment for employees;

• Instant update of data when the tariff is changed.


• Connection of payment systems;

• Display of payment history, current balance, and information about the date of the next payment in the Payments section;

• Automatic connection of the basic tariff to a user without a company;

• Implementation of the interface for adding/removing tariffs for employees.

Windows app

• Ability to check the version of the application;

• Appearance of a link to download a new version, if the user is outdated;

• Displaying and reading notifications from the socket;

• Setting up the logic and functionality of the application.

Mac app

• Creation of the first version of the application for Mac;

• Application modification, icon creation;

• Adding an application to autorun;

• Ability to check the version of the application;

• Appearance of a link to download a new version, if the user is outdated;

• Displaying and reading notifications from the socket;

• Setting up the logic and functionality of the application.

Linux app

• Ability to check the version of the application;

• Appearance of a link to download a new version, if the user is outdated;

• Displaying and reading notifications from the socket;

• Setting up the logic and functionality of the application.


• Creation of the section Technical support in the menu;

• Refinement of the FAQ in the user's personal account.


• Removing a user from the stream;

• Creating a call button on the top panel;

• Cancel file download;

• Ability to hide the stream window.


• Generation of a public link and its removal in the API.


• Displaying a personal chat with the user on his pop-up screen;

• Ability to send files to chat;

• If the connection with the server is lost, the message will be sent as soon as the connection is restored;

• Ability to write a message to yourself on your own pop-up screen.

Clockify integration

• Displaying data from Clockify on the user's screen;

• Refactoring the notification socket;

• Creating a Play button on the top panel to enable the time tracker;

• Display of scheduled and actual time in the time tracker.

Jira integration

• Notifications about changes in the status of an issue in Jira.

Trello integration

• Displaying a list of current tasks;

• Alerts about changing the status of a task in Trello.

Telegram integration

• Creation of a bot;

• Method of sending a message to a specified user from the bot;

• Notifications from the Telegram application;

• Displaying the link in the notification.


• Filling out the section with new solutions.


• The administrator sees the integrations that are connected to employees;

• The solutions used in the company are displayed for each employee;

• Connecting new options to solutions.


• Regulation of rights to uploaded files;

• Visibility of the remaining free space in the company's storage;

• Adding folders and the ability to store files in them;

• Storage modification.


• Creation of the Projects section on the menu.


• Creation of a tour for using a time tracker;

• Creating a tour on the main and side panels.


• Ability to change the currency in the user profile.

Time tracker

• Improvements to the tracker;

• Improvement of the Reports section in the menu.

Task manager

• Implementation of a form for creating tasks;

• Notification of the creation of a new task;

• Ability to create projects that can be combined with Jira, Trello, Custom.


• Generation of invoices and acts in pdf;

• Interfaces for creating and downloading invoices and acts.


• Signal about the loss of connection when changing device hash;

• Ability to rename devices.


July 1, 2020, midnight


Desktop application

• Setting up the application for the computer;

• Ability to share the screen with the user;

• Alert from the user about the desire to share the screen;

• Configuring nginx for

Personal account

• Upload avatars by the user to the profile;

• Pop-up downtime on user screens;

• Creating pages with devices for access to online monitoring;

• The ability to regenerate the hash for the device and display the status of existing devices;

• Ability to select a language in the profile;

• The ability to bind social. Networks in the profile

• Ability to control the delay time and image quality;

• Adding a blinking dot to the icon, the blinking frequency of which depends on the refresh rate of the picture on the user's screen;

• Creating a FAQ for users;

• Setting up the creation of companies, teams, and rooms;

Screen sharing

• Ability to select the device whose screen the user wants to share with another user.


• Automatic detection of user language by browser;

• User registration;

• The possibility of authorization through social. Networks

• Creating a company blog;

• Creating a release page;

• Sending an invitation to the mail for a new user, if he is invited to the team.


• Finalization of alerts from users.


• Creation of pages 404, 500.

Referral program

• Creating the Referrals section in the menu;

• Setting referral percentage for users.


• Creation of the Integration section in the menu;

• Ability to add integration for the user;

• Creating integration with Clockify;

• Creating integration with Jira;

• Create integration with Trello.


• Creation of tariffs;

• Ability to change tariffs in the profile;

• Restriction on the creation of a company, teams, and rooms based on the Tariff selected by the user.


• Creation of interfaces for filling in company details;

• The balance of the user who created his own company.


• Creation and refinement of incoming emails for users.

Windows app

• Creating the first version of the application for Windows;

• Creating a version of the application for Windows 7;

• Modification of the application, icon creation;

• Adding an application to autorun.

Linux app

• Creating the first version of the application for Linux;

• Modification of the application, icon creation;

• Modification of the start/stop sharing buttons.


• Introduction of the function of calls between users;

• Creating a call button on the user's screen;

• Turn on the microphone when calling a separate button;

• Adding the Stop sharing screen icon;

• Ability to record a stream;

• A link to a call comes to the user in notifications.


• Modification of chat messages: adding the time and date of sending messages, links;

• Notification of users about a new chat message;

• Show recent chat messages.


• Creation of the Solutions section on the site;

• Filling the section with solutions.


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