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Special tool for organize your company remotely.

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Organize your team in flexible
Roles, Teams, Rooms to get the right virtual Departments.

Integrate new remote working process to your business and get access to any person around the world.

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Realtime Desktops

Monitoring all employee's desktops of your company in business time.

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Flexible Access Roles

Organise your team in flexible Roles, Teams, Rooms to get right virtual Departments.

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Windows, Linux, Mac

You can install client on any platform for monitoring your personal.


Main features

Check out the main features of your desktop sharing tool.

Base principles

Explore base principles in

Multiple platfrom support

You can use soft for any platform: Mac, Linux, Windows.

Realtime data

We provide data in realtime mode for best work experience.

Unique compression algorithm

Our compression algorithm allows pass realtime data with minimal size.

Cloud environment

Easy setup with our cloud technologies

Browser dashboard

Get access from any device. No special app required to monitor your company.

Data security

All encrypted data transport by secure protocols.

Multiple desktop connection

Connect any count of desktop for each user.

24/7 support

Fill free to contact our customer support in any time.

Our external integrations

Main external integrations list below.

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