- Remote virtual team

Special tool for organize your company remotely.


Screener app

Screener app allows to share your screen by Windows, Mac, and Linux apps and generate a shareable link to your screen for anyone on the internet.

Business structure

Choose the structure of your company and use basic solutions that are ideal for your organization to carry out activities and accomplish tasks.

Online employee monitoring

Controlling workflow is now much easier. will allow the employer not only to see the work of employees on screens but also to increase their productivity.

Remote team communication will ensure uninterrupted interaction of remote employees by creating a virtual room, making calls, sharing files, and chatting.

Time tracker will allow companies to control the length of the working day of employees and track the time that subordinates spend on assigned tasks.

Task manager integrates seamlessly with Jira and Trello project management apps, allowing a manager to track employee progress on screens.

Record video from desktop service will allow users to record screen without installing additional software.

Cloud storage

When using, the user can use the function of storing files on the server. Cloud storage will allow secure storage and instant file transfer.

Remote desktop provides a Windows or Linux operating system remote desktop service for distributed teams.

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