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How to find a remote job

Created by: July 9, 2020, 11:21 a.m.

Many office workers dream of starting work from home, and almost everyone at the beginning of their journey wonders where and how to find a remote job. Every year, there are more and more remote vacancies at various sites. Therefore, the choice of a place to look for a remote job, rather, will depend on the skills of the candidate. In this article we will answer the question of how to find remote work and analyze the main sites for its search.


1. Job Search Sites

First of all, every beginner, when a question arises on how to find a remote job, will turn to job search sites. And rightly so, every day more and more job vacancies for remote work appear on such sites. Job search sites are convenient in that you can create a ready-made resume by template, respond to your favorite job in just a few clicks, and install a mobile application to track vacancies not only at home. Finding a remote job through these sites with a well-written resume and a good cover letter will not be difficult.


2. Messengers

You can find remote work using the popular Telegram messenger. There are more than a dozen channels in this service where employers place ads and offer remote vacancies.


3. Social networks

In search of an answer to the question of how to find remote work, you can turn to such social networks as Facebook, Instagram. These sites often post messages from employers with deleted jobs.


On Facebook, it`s more convenient to search for vacancies in groups created for these purposes, and on Instagram, you can try to see vacancies by hashtags.


4. Freelance exchange

Freelance exchange is a platform where customers and Contractors are registered. Customers offer tasks and vacancies, which can be both one-time and permanent, and the performers respond to these tasks and perform them.


On the freelance exchange, not only an experienced specialist but also a beginner can find remote work. Also, the customer can offer the task to a specific performer if he likes his portfolio and rating among other customers.


5. Transfer to remote work from the main place of work

If your profession does not require a permanent stay in the office, then you can find remote work by switching to this mode of work from the office. It is necessary to talk with the manager, bring him all the benefits of your transfer to remote work, and wait for his response. It is possible that the leader will go to a meeting and agree that remote work will suit you more.


6. Useful contacts

Building a network of business connections is also called networking. It implies the formation of a circle of acquaintances and friends next to you who are professionals in a certain field. You can find remote work using online networking.


In this case, you need to be active in social networks and forums where professional interests are discussed. You need to fill out your profile, participate, and show your worth in ongoing discussions. If other participants note your professionalism, then most likely the next question will turn to you personally, offer a job, or an interesting project.



Remote work is the future. It is for this reason that people seek to find remote work. So, using one of the methods described above, you are guaranteed to be able to find a remote job.

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