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How to work at a remote work

Created by: May 5, 2020, 8:14 a.m.

With the development of information technology and the Internet, many companies are considering the option of switching to remote work. At the same time, the employer has a natural question about how to make the transition to distance work without significant losses and losses for the business. In this article we will talk about how to work on remote work.


1. Personnel training

First of all, you need to decide on the list of employees whom you plan to transfer to remote work. The fact is that not all areas and specialists will be able to work remotely. Next, you need to notify employees that they will now work from home and prepare instructions for them on how to work remotely.


2. Equipment check

First you need to check if all the communication tools used by employees are working. It is necessary to control whether office computers will operate remotely, whether there is access to them. In addition, it is necessary to find out from employees whether someone will have problems connecting all devices and the Internet. If there are problems, then it is necessary to provide assistance to employees.


3. Rehearsal

The third step to answering the question of how to work remotely is to conduct a rehearsal. The rehearsal of the remote work is necessary in order to make sure that everything is working properly for all employees.


4. Installing programs

When transferring employees to remote work, you cannot do without special programs that will help optimize the work of remote employees from the first working day. List of essential primary programs for starting remote work:


Telegram: online messenger

Telegram is a great, convenient platform that will help ensure interaction between employees. In this messenger, you can create an internal company chat where you can share ideas with your employees and discuss projects, in addition, there is message protection, which means that your ideas will not be stolen by other users. Working remotely with this service is very convenient. It is worth noting that Telegram is more suitable for small companies, larger organizations should better consider the Slack messenger.


Trello: project management

Trello is a tool for managing various projects. The service reveals maximum efficiency during teamwork. The whole interface is built on the basis of kanban boards. This tracker is useful in most cases to start-ups and small businesses, as well as departments of medium and large companies that have decided to work remotely. a system for monitoring computer screens of employees

Many employers are afraid not to keep track of their employees during remote work. An employee may become less productive and efficient. After all, the house for him is a place where you can relax and do personal things. is a desktop monitoring software for all employees of your company. Having implemented this service at work, in just a couple of clicks the manager will be able to see how his employees work.

In addition, many professionals have to share screens with their colleagues to solve workplace issues. Using the service, all company employees will be able to connect to each other's computers and remotely manage them.


In this article, we tried to answer the question of how to work remotely and proposed several simple and convenient programs needed to transfer employees to the new mode.

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