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Organization of remote work

Created by: June 30, 2020, 12:23 p.m.

Nowadays, the number of organizations that switch to remote work is increasing significantly. Some take this decision on their own, while others have to act in this way in view of the circumstances that are independent of the company. This article will discuss the effective organization of remote work, which will help employees to switch to a new working mode.


Personnel training


1. Determining the number of remote workers

When organizing remote work, it is necessary to determine the number of employees who switch to remote work. It is possible that some employees will be needed in the office or their work will not be possible to perform outside the office.


2. Creating a virtual work environment for remote workers


3. Conducting training for employees

For the effective organization of remote work, you need to conduct training with employees, tell them all about new programs and the new mode of work. Employees should be prepared for the transfer to remote work.


Equipment Preparation


1. Hardware Check

The first step is to find out from the employees what they lack for remote work. If necessary, provide working computers for home use and purchase an additional missing headset.


2. Office software installation

To organize remote work, it is necessary to assist workers in installing office programs on home computers. Not all employees will be able to deal with the installation of all programs themselves, it is better to entrust this matter to an IT specialist of the company or department.


Program preparation


To organize remote work, you must also resort to the use of special programs that may not have been used by the company before.


1. General chat for company employees

Employees who have switched to remote work should continue to exchange work information with their colleagues. In this regard, in order to organize remote work, it is necessary to implement a common chat for all employees. A small company, for this purpose, can use the Telegram messenger. Larger companies can use a messenger such as Slack.


2. Video communication between company employees

Despite the ease of communication in instant messengers, the most important and complex issues are still more convenient to solve in personal interaction. When organizing remote work, a live discussion can replace video communication between employees. Convenient video applications are like Skype and Zoom.


3. Monitoring the work of remote employees

When organizing remote work, many managers fear that employees will become less productive. Lack of personal control over the actions of workers can relax them.

In this case, the company may resort to using programs for online monitoring of the employees' working computer screen. Such services allow you to see the actions of an employee on a computer monitor at any working time. The most convenient program for organizing remote work in the field of online monitoring of employees is


The above principles are fundamental in organizing remote work. Using them you will ensure a painless transition of employees to a new operating mode.

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