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Remote employee communication

Created by: Aug. 5, 2020, 4:43 a.m.

Many companies believe that remote work limits employee communication. Being in different premises, employees are deprived of personal communication and cannot interact directly on work issues. But are their concerns so serious and is there no way to communicate with remote employees without restrictions? We will talk about this in this article.


At first glance, it may indeed seem that by depriving employees of personal communication, it will be more difficult for them to discuss work tasks and express their views to each other on work issues. Given that the company has been working according to the same rules for several years, where employees personally discussed all the working moments, it is difficult for a manager to imagine how employees will interact remotely.


In fact, remote work is easily customized using dedicated tools. When switching to remote work, it is important for the employer and employees to observe the following principles in communication:


1. Always be on-line.

It is important for colleagues and in particular subordinates to always be in touch with other employees and the manager. An employee may have an important work question and often he needs to get an answer to it immediately, since the further work process may depend on this.


2. Warn about absence.

As with working in an office, working from home sometimes requires the employee or employer to absent somewhere. In order not to disrupt the communication of remote employees, it is better to warn your colleagues that you will be absent for some time.


3. Keep employees updated on all news.

Undoubtedly, in the office, it is easier for employees to receive information about ongoing changes, new tasks, and innovations. That is why it is also necessary to convey all this information to remote employees. So they can quickly understand what is required of them and will carry out communication on the assigned tasks remotely.


4. It is understandable to communicate with employees.

It is necessary to set tasks for employees as clearly as possible, so you can avoid unnecessary questions from employees and not waste their working time delving into the essence of the task.


5. Use tools for the communication of remote employees.

To ensure high-quality communication of remote company employees, it is necessary to use special tools. The main services can be as follows:



Telegram is a universal messenger that allows employees to communicate with each other remotely. They can communicate one-on-one, or they can interact in a general chat. Also, Telegram allows you to make free online calls.



Trello is a service that allows you to assign tasks to employees and track their progress. It looks like a kanban board, which by default includes 4 columns (To do, doing, testing, and done). An employee in the process of completing a task, depending on its current status, moves this task to different columns. In addition, you can write comments and attach various files to the task.



Jira is also a task tracking service and comes in the form of a Kanban board. The main difference between Jira is that this service is developed for software projects and it focuses on development project management. is software that allows remote employees to communicate in all possible ways. The main ways of interaction between employees:

• Giving colleagues access to their own screen;

Making calls to each other, as well as to several employees at the same time;

Communication in a group chat;

Transfer of files between employees.


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