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Remote professions

Created by: June 2, 2020, 6:25 a.m.

With the development of Internet technologies, an increasing number of people are thinking about mastering the Internet profession. In this article we will present the highest-paid and most popular remote professions in our time and briefly talk about each of them.


SMM manager

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, an SMM manager is a specialist who develops social networks and attracts new customers. The main responsibilities of this remote profession are to promote the site, the company's product through the publication of posts in thematic groups, and social networks.


Necessary skills:

• Ability to write fascinating texts;

• Knowledge of social ethics;

• Knowledge of the basics of content marketing and advertising;

• Sense of trends.



A copywriter is a specialist who writes text in order to create content for various sites, products, and platforms. Some copywriters are rewriters, that is, specialists who retype finished texts to increase uniqueness. Other copywriters write sales texts. The remote profession of a copywriter is one of the most popular, but not every specialist can become a copywriter of selling texts.


Necessary skills:

• Compilation of unique SEO texts;

• Ability to quickly understand the topic;

• Competent written language;

• Eloquence.


Internet marketer

An Internet marketer is a specialist who promotes a company on the Internet. The main task of a specialist is to attract customers via the Internet. In addition, Internet marketer is responsible for the company's reputation on the Internet. This remote profession is very popular, as an Internet marketer is engaged in promoting the brand of the company.


Necessary skills:

• Knowledge of the basics of marketing and management;

• Market analysis;

• Basic IT knowledge;

• Internet traffic skills.


SEO specialist

An SEO specialist is an employee who optimizes Internet resources to promote them in search engines. This remote profession is in high demand, since, basically, users search for the information they need precisely through a search in the browser. The SEO specialist should know by what principle sites are listed in the SERP.


Necessary skills:

• Selection of keywords;

• Creating a semantic core;

• Knowledge of the principles of search engines;

• Monitoring of the market, competitors.


Web Designer

A web designer is a specialist who develops professional and memorable interfaces for Internet resources. In addition, this remote profession involves the analysis of user behavior, on the basis of which a simple and easy-to-use site is already being created. The web designer must create a website that will attract the attention of users and bring them the necessary information.


Necessary skills:

• High skills in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, etc.;

• Knowledge of the basics of creating a user-friendly interface;

• Ability to design interfaces;

• Experience testing sites.


Web Programmer

A web programmer is an employee who implements the software part of the sites. The remote profession of a web programmer involves setting up scripts, forms, and personal accounts on sites. In addition, these specialists are implementing the link between the site and payment systems.


Necessary skills:

• Programming languages;

• Knowledge of HTML, CSS;

• Experience in creating sites;

• Analytical mind.


Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a specialist who is engaged in extracting information from a huge stream of information that will be useful for the company in the field of making optimal management decisions. This remote profession involves searching for patterns in information sets, visualizing the data obtained, and finding solutions to current business problems.


Necessary skills:

• Statistics and machine learning;

• Programming languages;

• MySQL and Postgres databases.


Project Manager

Project Manager - an employee who provides project management. This remote profession involves the coordination and planning of the work of a team of professionals who will carry out work on the creation of the project. The project manager must bring the idea to implementation on time, using all resources.


Necessary skills:

• Leadership skills;

• Strategic thinking;

• Ability to sell a project to a team;

• Work with reporting.


The article examined in detail the most popular remote professions. Having become acquainted with each of them in more detail, you will be able to determine with accuracy in which direction to move on.

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