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Remote work in coronavirus

Created by: May 19, 2020, 7:33 a.m.

In March 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the spread of the new coronavirus had reached a pandemic.


From that moment, an increasing number of people became interested in remote work. In this article, we will look at how much requests for remote work have increased and which areas have benefited from the pandemic.


Since March 2020, residents more often began to look for remote work, due to new coronavirus infection. In addition, the number of deleted jobs has also grown markedly.


On the graph presented by Google Trends, you can clearly see how the dynamics of the popularity of user requests for remote work in the coronavirus are growing.

The graph clearly shows that in late March and early April, the number of user requests for remote work has more than doubled.


During a coronavirus pandemic, remote work can stabilize your financial condition. Many people now do not suspect that they can continue to work without leaving home.


In addition, according to analysts' statistics, remote work in coronavirus has increased labor efficiency in most workers. 58% of managers believe that employees in remote work have become more responsible for the result. A third of managers believe that during the period of remote work in the coronavirus, teamwork among employees has become more coherent. The efficiency of the team of employees has increased markedly.


Remote work in coronavirus has affected many employees. After the removal of self-isolation measures, 57% of employees would not mind staying at a distant job. The remaining employees wished to return to the office.


As we can see, during the period of the global epidemic and self-isolation, many people discovered the possibilities of remote work. Some continued to work in their company, but remotely, while others came to a new company and immediately started working from home. Most remote workers would like to continue working in this mode. Next, we look at which companies and businesses benefitted from the pandemic.


The mass transfer of employees to remote work in coronavirus forced many companies to change priorities. Companies that were not very popular before soared to the fore. There are companies that the current situation has helped to attract new customers and increase profits. Below we describe the areas that have benefited from the pandemic.


1. Pharmaceuticals

During the spread of coronavirus, people began massively buying masks, antiseptics, gloves, and antiviral drugs. For one time there was a shortage of these goods in some countries, because of which pharmacies limited the sale of protective equipment, and their cost increased tenfold.

Many began to earn on the production of masks. Masks are now sold not only in pharmacies but also in hypermarkets and online stores. Pharmaceuticals are perhaps among the areas that have benefited from the pandemic more than others.


2. Video conferencing platforms

Another area that has benefited from the pandemic is video conferencing platforms. Let’s take Zoom as an example. This video conferencing platform helps the manager stay in touch with their employees and ensure continued normal work. In addition, in most schools and universities, teachers conduct classes with students through Zoom. Also, many began to use this service for personal purposes: to meet with friends and conduct online parties.

According to the New York Times, in March 2020, the platform’s customer base grew by 18%, and 350 to 600 thousand users started downloading it daily. The volume of ZOOM traffic grew 8 times, compared with the figures at the beginning of March.


3. Online shopping

Currently, people are trying to restrict visits to public places and therefore have begun to use online stores to a greater extent.


4. Food delivery services

Food delivery services are another area that has benefited from the pandemic and increased the number of deliveries several times. Customers now use delivery as a way to reduce all contacts when buying food to a minimum.

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