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Remote work via the Internet

Created by: March 31, 2020, 12:44 p.m.

Each leader at least once thought about remote work via the Internet. The company can significantly reduce its costs and expand the geography of the search for candidates for vacant positions in the company. Employees can carry out remote work via the Internet, being in another city, and even in another country.


Who is a remote worker?


Currently, most people do not see the difference between remote work via the Internet and freelance. In fact, freelance works outside the company’s staff. A freelancer is not tied to a specific organization and can do work for different companies. Remote work via the Internet implies the performance of official duties for one company while in its state.


We summarize:

A remote employee executes the instructions of one manager outside the office.

Remote work via the Internet implies an official device, as the employee is on the staff of the company.

A distant employee is subject to all labor laws.


What are the benefits of working with remote workers?


1. Cost optimization

By hiring employees for remote work through the Internet, a company can reduce the cost of renting an office, its maintenance, as well as organizing jobs. Also, employees from an area where the average salary is lower can be hired for remote work. Thus, a specialist who performs remote work via the Internet will claim less income than an employee from the capital.


2. Work with the best specialists

Remote work via the Internet does not limit the employee in choosing a company by office location. This means that when searching for workers for remote work, the organization can find a highly qualified specialist whom they could not find in their city.


3. Employee efficiency

A specialist who performs remote work via the Internet is more efficient and focused. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the employee ceases to be distracted by colleagues, as well as to the fact that he himself builds a working day schedule while having more time for his personal life.


4. Work anytime

If you want to ensure the round-the-clock work of the enterprise, the company can hire employees who perform work remotely via the Internet from different time zones. In this case, you can ensure the continuous operation of the company, for example, in the field of customer support.


What are the disadvantages of remote work and how to deal with them?


1. The selection of specialists

Finding an employee in the office is easier, because at an in-person interview the employer can get to know the potential candidate closer. He can be asked questions about past experience, about skills, and to watch his reaction. It will take longer to find out if the remote candidate is the appropriate specialist.


How to fight: in order to better know the potential employee who will perform the work remotely via the Internet, it is possible to conduct a test in which to collect questions and tasks characterizing the candidate as a suitable employee organization.


2. Understanding

Despite the advancement of Internet technologies, it is still easier for people to reach mutual understanding and agree on something through lively communication. With personal contact, it is easier for employees to prove to each other their point of view and explain what exactly they want to do.


How to fight

Develop an adaptation program for professionals performing work remotely via the Internet.

Set a schedule for online meetings using video conferencing.

Provide necessary programs to remote workers so that they can transmit information to colleagues as capaciously and clearly as possible.


3. Control of remote workers

It is widely believed among employers that remote workers are less well-trained and trained. Managers fear that an employee who does work remotely via the Internet will devote working time to solving personal problems and this cannot be controlled.


How to fight: software will help provide effective control over the employees performing work remotely via the Internet. This program will allow the manager at any working time to look at the employee’s computer screen online and find out exactly what he is doing. has the following advantages:

The program allows you to see what an employee of the company does during working hours.

In case of identified violations, the service makes the manager aware of this.

It is possible to create different rooms for different departments and employees of the company.

If the organization is too large for the leader to monitor all employees, then allows you to provide different levels of access for employees.

So, the head can appoint responsible for departments and give them the right of access to track other employees in a particular room.




With the development of information technology, remote work via the Internet will gain momentum. Every year, the number of removed vacancies and employees who want to work exclusively from home is growing. Certainly, the future lies in remote work, therefore, perhaps now it is worth thinking about introducing this system into the organization’s activities.

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