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Created by: June 21, 2020, 4:50 a.m.

Many enterprises that have switched to remote work are worried about maintaining the productive activities of their employees. Employers worry that employees in remote work will perceive such work as another vacation and will be engaged in personal affairs during working hours. In this article, we will tell you how to motivate employees at remote work to productive activities and maintain their working spirit.


1. The right mindset for remote work

For many employees, transiting to remote work can be a real stress. It will be hard for an employee to work remotely, as he is used to having a rest at home. It is necessary to explain to employees at remote work that the transfer to a new mode does not mean a lack of work and unplanned leave. The employee must understand that he will also be assigned daily work tasks and the manager will monitor their implementation.


2. Working atmosphere

To maintain the working spirit of employees in remote work, it is necessary to create a positive atmosphere. With employees, you can discuss several issues that are not directly related to work, for example, share important news or tell a joke. Also, if there are work conflicts between employees, they should be tried to pay off. Conflicts during the transition to remote work can cause additional stress for an employee at remote work.


3. Employee involvement in remote work

In order to maintain and increase the employee’s involvement in remote work in a company’s project, it’s worth telling him why this project is being done and who will use it. In this case, when performing the task, the employee will act with great enthusiasm. He will be interested to see the finished project.


4. Programs for employee control

Some managers believe that verbal conversations with employees at remote work to organize a productive working atmosphere are not enough. In this case, the company can use special services to record employee work time and monitor their actions.


You can use the time tracker to track the working hours of employees on the remote work.

This service is a timer that the employee turns on when starting work and turns it off when it is completed. In addition, in the time tracker, an employee can specify the projects in which he works and indicates the lead time. The program is also capable of creating an employee report for any convenient period. Convenient time trackers: Clockify, Timely, Toggl.


In addition to time trackers, an increasing number of companies are using programs that provide online computer monitoring.

Such a service will allow you to control employees at any working time, thereby increasing their productivity. The service automatically recognizes violations committed by employees and signals about it. If the employee is inactive, the program will also let you know about it. The most convenient program for online computer monitoring is


Thus, observing the conditions described above, you can ensure the stable performance of employees at remote work and not worry about reducing their productivity.

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