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Should employees be informed about online monitoring?

Created by: Aug. 21, 2020, 8:14 a.m.

Many companies make sure that the work of their employees is productive. Subordinates often deal with personal issues during working hours, which reduces the efficiency of the enterprise. In this regard, almost all companies are introducing online employee monitoring systems. How to communicate information about the implementation of online monitoring to employees so that they perceive it in a positive way? We will talk about this in this article.


Why are companies introducing online monitoring?

First of all, companies are introducing online monitoring of employee screens in order to improve workflow productivity. Real-time monitoring will allow you to assess how effectively employees allocate their time, how quickly they complete tasks, and in what period of time they are most active.


Secondly, online monitoring will help to identify unscrupulous employees, due to which information can be leaked to other companies.


Thirdly, if the employer has doubts about the quality of the work of one of the employees, he will be able to take a closer look at his actions during the work process using online monitoring. Thus, the leader will be able to quickly decide whether the person holding a certain position in his company is competent.


Benefits of companies using online monitoring.

• Improving the discipline and responsibility of employees;

Minimization of errors in payroll;

Possession of more complete information about employees;

Reduced administrative work;

Prevention of information security threats.


Do employees need to be informed about online monitoring?

Yes, we believe that a company that is going to introduce online monitoring into its activities should warn its employees about it. By notifying the staff about the changes that are taking place, you will be able to acquaint employees with the program, talk about all the advantages and benefits of using it, and enlist their support. An employee who finds out that he is under covert surveillance may decide that the manager does not trust him and suspects of something. If the manager conducts a preliminary conversation with employees, then he will be able to explain to them the true reason for entering online monitoring and talk about all the benefits of using the software.


How to inform employees about online monitoring?

To begin with, the head needs to present the employees with a program through which online monitoring of employees will be carried out. It is better to tell employees about all the functions of the program, how often they will be used, what user data will be collected, and why.


Also, it is necessary to explain to employees what purposes online monitoring is used, talk about the rules that must be followed, and the benefits that employees themselves will discover after the introduction of a program that provides online monitoring.



Summing up, we can conclude that the employer is not obliged to notify his employees about online monitoring, but covert surveillance can undermine the credibility of employees. Therefore, when introducing an online monitoring service, we recommend that you notify employees about this and tell them how the software that provides online monitoring will work.


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