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Tools for working remotely

Created by: Aug. 1, 2020, 7:37 a.m.

With the development of information technology, many employers are thinking about switching to remote work. This allows them to minimize their costs for the office and its maintenance, as well as work with highly qualified employees who may be located in another city or country.


When deciding on the transition to remote work, managers have a question about what tools for remote work will help them organize the productive work of all employees. This article will detail the basic and most convenient tools for remote work.



Service Description

This tool for remote work will help companies track the working hours of their employees. Clockify allows you to show your customers where every hour of work has gone. Each employee himself can track his productivity and see what projects and tasks he spends the main working time. Clockify is simple and easy to manage.



Absolute free of charge, regardless of the number of employees, projects, and clients.

Ability to compile a report on employees for the desired period.

Simplicity and ease of use.

Transparency for the client.



Service Description

Trello is a service that allows you to effectively manage company projects online. It is in demand by small companies and is absolutely free. This tool for remote work is a board on which lists are created, and in the lists of the card, where the description of tasks is located. Cards can be moved from one list to another. Lists, in turn, are divided into planned, current, and completed. The service is very easy to use and convenient for tracking tasks.



Simple service structure.

A wide range of functions.

Free for small companies.

• Integration with third-party services.


Google Disk

Service Description

Google Disk is a cloud-based file storage service. This tool for remote work ensures the safety and joint editing of various documents. In this service, you can create various files, share them with colleagues, and provide them with different levels of access. Google Drive gives you access to a selection of text editing tools, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys.



Offline access.

Ability to open files for other users with varying degrees of access.

Service availability from any device.

Extended free version.



Service Description

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers in Russia. Often, organizations choose this particular messenger for the business communication of employees. This tool for remote work is convenient to use, allows you to chat, create a conversation from several participants, and make audio and video calls to colleagues.



Absolute free and no ads.

Ability to create large group chats for quick file sharing.

• Sync on all devices.

• Simplicity and usability.