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What is remote work?

Created by: Aug. 10, 2020, 9:56 a.m.

In today's world, more and more workflows are happening online. Video conferences come to the place of business meetings and employees from different regions can always be in touch with colleagues and the head. In addition, many companies do come to the conclusion that their subordinates to work remotely. In this regard, many have questions about what remote work is and what features it has.


What is remote work?

The answer to the question what is remote work is that the employee is in the permanent state of the company, but does not do his work in the office, but at home, or in another place he chooses. A remote employee, like an office employee, receives a salary, has a certain position in the company, and carries out the instructions of the head. To have a better understanding of what remote work is, it is necessary to highlight its advantages.


The benefits of remote working for an employer

1. Significant cost reduction. The employer does not need to equip the workplace of the employee for his production activities. In addition, with the remote work of all employees, the head will not have the cost of renting an office and cleaning it.

2. Collaboration with highly qualified specialists who could not come to the office. In large cities, the choice of a place for future work is in first place among residents, and not everyone is ready to come to the office from the other end of the city. With remote work, the employee will not need to be in the office, which means that he will be open to cooperation.

3. Improving employee productivity. According to statistics, remote work is more productive than office work. The employee is less distracted by extraneous factors and is in his comfort zone. In addition, when working remotely, employees often work more hours at home, and in the office, the workday ends at a specific time.


Benefits of Remote Work for an Employee

1. Save time and money on the road. Remote work allows you to save, on average, two hours a day on the road to the office and back.

2. The ability to independently distribute your work time. With remote work, more time appears that can be devoted to personal matters. An employee can independently balance his work time for personal affairs.

3. Work in a large international company. A highly qualified specialist has the opportunity to find remote work in a famous company, whose office is not in his city.

4. Lack of dress code. Not everyone loves the office style in clothes, but, often, compliance with the dress code is a prerequisite for the employer. Remote work allows the absence of office clothing from the employee.

The above advantages give a clearer idea of ​​what remote work is. Next, talk about the features of remote work.


Remote Work Features

Workplace. Mostly, remote employees work from home and therefore independently equip their workplace. Sometimes remote employees are selected in a cafe or coworking and work there. A feature of the device of the workplace is characteristic and gives an idea of ​​what remote work is.

Schedule. The working hours for remote work are set individually with the employer. It can be normal - 40 hours a week for 8 hours a day, and in some cases it can be 30 hours a week or less, or depend on the work performed.

Communication. Often, employees at remote work do not have enough live communication with colleagues. Therefore, such work may not be suitable for extroverts. This feature for many will be minus of remote work, but it will also help to give a more complete picture of what remote work is.

Professional growth. As a rule, when working remotely, career growth is not as rapid as when working in the office. For professional development, you will have to work hard and learn a lot.

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