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Who benefits from working remotely?

Created by: Sept. 18, 2020, 10:49 a.m.

The trend for remote work in the world began to gain momentum about 10 years ago. The popularity of telecommuting is growing every year, but, nevertheless, many companies are in no hurry to switch to telecommuting and prefer to keep employees in the office. Are they right? Who benefits from working remotely?


To begin with, it's worth answering the question, will everyone be able to work remotely? The answer to this question will be negative since only those employees who are engaged in intellectual activity can work from home. At the moment, it is impossible to make the transition to remote work in the areas of service, production, and agriculture.


It is known that the leading number of remote employees is in IT, advertising, and PR and marketing. These areas definitely benefit from working remotely.


Advantages confirming that it is beneficial for companies engaged in an intellectual activity to work remotely:


Expansion of the geography of employee search


Remote workers do not have to be in the same city as the company's management. In other regions, you can find more qualified and suitable specialists. In addition, if you hire employees from outside the central cities, you can also save on salary payments.


Savings on office rental and maintenance


In addition to saving on wages, hiring remote employees will help reduce the cost of renting an office, its maintenance, as well as the purchase of small office supplies.


For what reason, not all companies from the IT, advertising, and PR and marketing sectors have switched to this mode, if it is profitable for them to work remotely?


In fact, every employer has his own reasons for this and it is impossible to list everything. The main reason is the danger of a lack of control over remote employees and the impossibility of setting tasks. Many employers worry that working from home will relax employees to do household chores during working hours. In addition, they have no idea how they can control the performance of the assigned tasks while not being near the employee.


At first glance, these arguments are a serious reason to leave your employees in the office and work in the standard, familiar mode, but, in fact, in the age of modern technologies, developers have created programs with which you can remotely control employees from anywhere in the world.


By introducing a program for remote control over employees, you will be able to carry out online monitoring of the screens of your employees, set new work tasks for them, and also monitor their implementation. In addition, this service will allow you to keep track of employees' working hours, exchange files with subordinates, and also store them on a secure business server. Also, the program will allow you to carry out communication between employees in various ways, be it conferences, individual calls or chat messages.


Try to start remote management of your business, it's simple, comfortable, and safe!

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