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Working hours during the quarantine

Created by: Sept. 17, 2020, 9:02 a.m.

When it comes to thinking about the work schedule during quarantine, most consider a remote work schedule specifically for the employee. Few people think about how an employer should build a work schedule and keep track of working hours for employees. Now we will clarify this topic and talk about how an employer should build a work schedule during the quarantine.


Pros of remote work for an employer

1. Reduced costs

When transferring workers to a remote mode, the employer spends less money on office rent, cleaning services, and electricity. Also, many executives are exempted from paying workers' lunches and fares.


2. Fewer distractions

As a rule, office workers work less efficiently due to the fact that they are a lot distracted by extraneous noise or conversations of their colleagues. At a remote location, employees are in complete silence and can concentrate on their tasks.


3. Hiring employees from other localities

In a remote location, an employer can hire workers from distant cities. This will allow the manager to spend less money on salary payments.


Undoubtedly, working remotely has many advantages and is in many ways inferior to working in the office. Nevertheless, many employers are in no hurry to switch to remote work, as they are worried that they will not be able to build an ideal work schedule for their subordinates and make the correct accounting of working hours.


But in 2020, due to the threat of the spread of a dangerous viral infection, employers had to urgently transfer their subordinates to a remote mode and think about what the work schedule should be during the quarantine.


Working hours during the quarantine


When switching to remote work, employers think about what the work schedule should be during quarantine so that employees are comfortable and this would not worsen their productivity. Some companies remain on the 9-18 schedule, others prefer to leave the 8-hour working day under the conditions that the employee can work at any time, but must fulfill his norm of hours, and the latter choose to pay employees according to the tasks performed.


It is worth noting that the choice of the mode of operation during quarantine is half the problem, while the second is to monitor employees and record their working hours. Control over the work schedule during quarantine can be carried out using special programs for recording the working time of employees.


With, you can track the work hours of employees during quarantine using a time tracker, track its performance on the screen, and also interact with employees by creating conferences. By introducing into the activities of your organization, the manager will definitely not allow a decrease in the productivity of his employees.

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