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Business structure

post-image is suitable both for small companies with a minimum number of employees and small projects and for huge corporations that simultaneously carry out several dozen projects and manage a large number of employees.

The structure of the company should be chosen based on the number of projects carried out by the organization and the employees who are involved in their implementation.

To start working in the service, you need to create your own company and add employees there. At the minimum tariff, you will be able to create one company, and at the maximum, any number.

Further, employees must be combined into rooms. When creating a room, you need to specify the employees whose screens will be displayed in this room and the managers who will be able to observe what is happening on the screens of the employees, but the screens of the manage-users will not be displayed in the room.

Employees united in one room can see each other's screens, chat, exchange files, and make a group and private calls to other users in the room. Also, the employee can interact with the manager and the manager with the employee. If the manager wants to provide an employee with access to his screen, then he can share the screen when he calls, or generate a temporary link to access the screen.

What does the company include?

The company is a full-fledged user company that will include all of its employees. Employees in a company can be combined into Rooms, where the main interaction of employees takes place.

What does the room include?

The room is a virtual office where employees interact. Here, as in an ordinary office, there are employees and managers who control the work of employees. The Room displays user screens, a chat panel, buttons for making calls, and sharing files.

When connecting to the service, you can independently choose the Company structure that best suits your requirements. Additional features not included in the basic structure of your company can be purchased separately. You can learn more about other solutions by following the link.

Virtual coworking

This tariff is suitable for small companies whose employees work on one project. When you connect Virtual Coworking, you will have access to:

• creation of one company;

• creation of one room for the company.

Virtual office

This tariff is suitable for companies whose employees are working on several projects. When this tariff is connected, the user can create several companies, and in each of them, several rooms can be added. In addition, 5 gb storage will be available to the company. When you connect a Virtual Office, you will have access to:

• creation of up to 3 companies;

• creation of up to 9 rooms;

• file manager;

• 5gb disk.

Virtual building

This tariff is suitable for corporations that can manage a large number of companies and store employee files on extended storage. When you connect the Virtual Building, you will have access to:

• creation of any number of companies;

• creation of any number of rooms;

• file manager;

• 10gb disk.

Virtual corporation

This tariff will allow the corporation to deploy its own server and provide the best application functionality. When you connect to the Virtual Corporation, you will have access to:

• creation of any number of companies;

• creation of any number of rooms;

• file manager;

• own storage;

• screener application;

• storage of screen recordings;

• individual configuration.


Business structure plans

Choose the best plan for your company.

  • Virtual Coworking
  • The best plan for small teams working in one Project in one Virtual Room

  • 0 * /

    All staff

    • 1 company
    • 1 team
    • 1 room
  • Virtual Office
  • The best plan for managing your multiple companies and teams in Virtual Office

  • 15 * /

    All staff

    • Up to 3 companies
    • Up to 9 teams
    • Up to 9 rooms
    • File manager
    • 5G storage
    • 30 days free trial, cancel any time
  • Virtual Building
  • The best flexible plan allows you to manage your businesses in Virtual Building

  • 20 * /

    All staff

    • Any count of companies
    • Any count of teams
    • Any count of rooms
    • File manager
    • 10Gb storage
    • 30 days free trial, cancel any time
  • Virtual Enterprise
  • Deploy on your own network on their private servers with full functionality

  • 2000 /

    All staff

    • Screener app
    • Video screen reports
    • Any count of teams
    • Any count of rooms
    • Any count of employees
    • File manager
    • Individual configuration
    • Calls
    • Voice recorder
    • Group calls
    • Projects
    • Clockify integration
    • Employee's screen recorder
    • Private storage

* - price per month

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