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Task manager


Having implemented in the activities of the company, the manager will have the opportunity to monitor the implementation of tasks by employees on their screens. easily integrates with Jira and Trello project management applications, and also provides the ability to set tasks yourself, plan them, and display task reports. The functions of the task manager is as follows:

Integrations with Jira and Trello

Integrations with Jira and Trello project management services allow you to visually track the implementation of tasks.

Manual tasks

In addition to performing tasks from Jira and Trello, allows you to enter tasks manually. If the task set by the manager is not in Jira or Trello, then the user can independently specify the description, project, and code of the task.

Task Manager provides the ability to plan tasks in advance. The employee will be able to see his plan for the day/week and evenly and efficiently distribute the work on tasks.

Task Reports

Reports allow you to see what tasks employees are currently performing. In this section, you can see the name of the employee, the code and description of the task that he performs, the time it started, and the duration of the task.

Task manager plans

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  • Task manager
  • Task manager

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