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How do I share my screen with anyone on the internet?


Situations often arise when it is difficult to explain any information in the messenger or by phone, and there is no way to meet in person. In this case, the fastest and most convenient way to solve this situation is to be able to look at the interlocutor's screen. provides fast and secure access to your screen for anyone on the Internet. This happens by generating a temporary link. Only those users who receive this link will have access to the screen. To close access to the screen, simply remove the link in the application. With each new generation, the link will be different, which will provide secure access to the screen.

Ways to generate a link to

→ using the application icon located in the notification area;

→ when you click on the special button that is on your pop-up screen.


To generate a link to your computer screen, any Internet user needs to activate the tariff:

Screener app

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