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How to offload technical support?


In large companies, where more than 1000 requests from customers are received per day, technical support consists of several dozen employees and they form a whole department. However, there are days when requests from customers increase and current employees can barely cope with the stream of problems and questions.


Often, support staff also lack the tools to quickly resolve a customer's problem. For example, see what is happening on the client's screen.

In such cases, you can ask the client to take a screenshot, but this also takes time and delays the solution of the client's problem. provides a function of online monitoring of the client's screen in real time, which allows offloading technical support.

With the help of this solution, a technical support specialist will see what is happening on the client's screen and what exactly he has questions with. He will quickly point out errors to him and tell him how to fix the problem.


In what cases the online monitoring function will be relevant for technical support:


→ the user cannot register on the site;

→ the user cannot leave a request / order a product;

→ the user has problems installing the software;

→ the user cannot cope with other interfaces on the site.

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