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How to protect confidential company data?


The protection and security of confidential data is a topical issue for any company. Leaked confidential information can have widespread business consequences.


Now, when remote work is gaining more and more popularity, the issue of protecting confidential information is especially acute. This is due to the fact that remote employees begin to use various unknown platforms for storing and transmitting company data. The manager cannot be sure that the service used by the employee is safe and that attackers will not receive confidential information about the enterprise through him.

With you can store files on your own secure server.


What files are stored on the server?

→ files that were created on (screenshots and screen recordings);

→ files that were transferred to other users during a chat or call;

→ files that you upload to the server yourself.


Advantages of storing files on

→ creating folders and adding the necessary files there;

→ system of access rights for files and folders;

→ the ability to share a link to a file with any Internet user;

→ file sharing;

→ reliable storage of files.


On you can create folders and define the necessary files there. Thus, important files will never get lost and you can easily find them in the corresponding folder.

If there are files that not all employees should have access to, then you can configure access rights on these folders or files. Also, you can adjust different rights for files and folders inside the main folder. Access rights can be changed by the manager at any time.

You can grant temporary access to the file for any user on the Internet. To do this, just click share in the file settings. Then you can also close access to the file.

To implement the possibility of using secure storage on, you need to activate the tariff:

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