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How do I know what my child is doing at the computer?


In the age of modern information technologies, the Internet is a means through which a user can obtain a large amount of information and find answers to all questions of interest in an instant.

Especially now, when education in many institutions is carried out in a distance form, the Internet has become the most important resource for educating children.


Unfortunately, children on the Internet can often be at great risk. Threats can be: inappropriate content and internet dating, cyberbullying, gambling addiction, viruses and much more.


In order to help your child avoid inappropriate content on the Internet, it is important that the parents talk to him about it. It is necessary to explain to the child that he must report everything unfavorable that he saw on the Internet and tell him about the rules of safety on the Internet.

Parents cannot always control the actions of the child, being near him, therefore, to ensure the safety of the child on the Internet, many resort to using special software. can be used by families with children for parental control. You can look at your child's screen in real time and watch a video of his actions on the screen for the period of interest.


Parental control methods with


→ online monitoring of the child's screen;

→ video recording of what is happening on the child's screen.

In order to start seeing what is happening on the screen of child, you need to connect the following tariffs:

Screener app

Online employee monitoring


Tariff Screener app will allow you to install the app on your child's computer and start sharing his screen.


Tariff Online employee monitoring is necessary here in order to create a virtual area where you will see the child's screen. Also, when this tariff is connected, everything that happens on the child's screen will be recorded.

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