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Online employee monitoring

post-image software will allow online monitoring of employees. Many employers believe that employees often engage in personal affairs during working hours and would like to control the entire work process and the implementation of tasks. will allow the employer not only to see the work of employees on the screens but also to increase the productivity of subordinates. Features that are provided to the leader when using

Real-time screen monitoring

This function will provide an opportunity to find out what the employee is currently doing. Real-time monitoring of screens will allow the manager to observe not only one employee but also entire teams that will be visible in certain rooms.

Screen screenshot

If necessary, the user can take a screenshot of the screen of another user. The screenshot can be processed (add labels, lines, explanatory arrows, etc.). Using screenshots will save you a lot of time. Seeing a picture with your own eyes is much easier than describing it in words.

Team building

Users can be combined into teams. Users on the same team can interact in the following ways:

see each other's screens;

take screenshots of each other's screens;

send messages in general chat;

manage the delay and quality on the screen of another user;

– call another user or group of users.

Room Creation

Teams see each other's screens and interact with each other in the room. In addition, a user who is not a member of the team can be added to the room. Thus, a user who is not in the team will be able to see the screens of all users in the team and interact with them, and users in the team will not see the screen of the user who is in the room with them but is not in the team. Detailed information about the communication methods of employees in the rooms is presented here.

Time tracker

Using the time tracker allows you to track the amount of time spent by the user on a specific task. Also, using the tracker, it becomes possible to find out the start and end times of an employee. You can get more detailed information about using the time tracker here.

Task manager has integrations with the Jira and Trello applications. This allows not only to set tasks for employees but also to track their progress on the screen. You can get more detailed information about the capabilities of the task manager here.


Reports will help you see what task each employee is currently busy with, as well as track the duration of a task.

Online employee monitoring plans

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  • Employee monitoring
  • Online monitoring and recording of employee screens with automatic data cleaning

  • 50 * /

    All staff

    • Employee's screen recorder
    • Virtual dashboard
    • File manager
    • 10Gb storage
    • Auto cleaner of records
    • Telegram Bot
    • 30 days free trial, cancel any time

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