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How to quickly and safely exchange information with other users on the Internet?


During the period of remote work, companies resort to using various tools to ensure communication between employees and continue the work of the organization. Employees are supplied with software for making calls and conferences, services for sharing and storing files, and chats for correspondence with colleagues and management. These tools certainly make it easier for employees to communicate and help them get the information they need faster, but are they so safe? guarantees the safe transfer of files between employees and their safe storage on its own secure server. In addition, making group and individual calls using p2p technology provides a direct call from one user to another, without using third-party servers. The transmission of messages to is also encrypted, which gives complete confidentiality of employees' correspondence.


Methods for the secure exchange of information on


→ group and individual calls using p2p technology;

→ encrypted chats;

→ secure file sharing and storage on a secure server.

To exchange information securely using, you need to activate the following tariffs:

Remote team communication

Cloud storage


Tariff Remote team communication has different functions. In the basic version, you can create a virtual room, which is a prototype of an office, for employee communication, and in more improved versions, you can also add chat, calls, file transfer, etc. This tariff is connected separately for each employee.


Tariff Cloud storage is required to implement the possibility of using secure storage on

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