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How can employees keep in touch while working remotely?


In the office, employees mostly interact through personal communication. So they share with each other ideas and opinions on solving work problems. How will employees interact remotely?


With the help of, remote employees can quickly resolve issues on assigned tasks, help each other in case of problems at work, and quickly come to a common opinion.

Communication methods on


-personal call

-group call

-sharing files (including when calling)

-constant sharing of screens to each other


Chat allows users to exchange messages and files. It is located on the main page of your personal account in the sidebar. In addition, there are separate chats for each room, which are also located in the sidebar in the room tabs. A personal chat with a user can be started by clicking on his screen.


Using calls, you can quickly contact one or a group of employees. A call can be made in several different ways:

the first - using the corresponding button in the top panel;

the second - by clicking on the call icon on the employee's screen;

third - using the call icon in the sidebar in the employees section.


By uniting employees in one room, you will allow them to see what is happening on each other's screens. This will help them quickly solve emerging issues and help each other with solving problems.

To ensure communication of remote employees, you must definitely connect the following tariffs:

Business structure

Remote team communication


Tariff Business structure will help you determine the number of companies and rooms where remote employees will interact.


Tariff Remote team communication has different functions. In the basic version, you can create a virtual room, which is a prototype of an office, for employee communication, and in more improved versions, you can also add chat, calls, file transfer, etc. This tariff is connected separately for each employee.

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