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How to train new employees in a remote work environment?


No matter how experienced a specialist is, he still has to undergo training in a new job. If in an office environment each company has a plan for the introduction of an employee, a team and a company, then what about this remotely?


Over the 10 years of our work, we have trained a lot of employees, many of whom work in international or top Russian companies. The inquisitive junior grows very quickly in the team of other developers, but what to do on the remote?

The system will allow a new employee to learn their duties as quickly as possible and enter the working regime. Thanks to the function of online monitoring of the screen, students will see what is happening on the screen of the teacher and the mentor, in turn, will see how the work of his students is progressing.

Also, thanks to the function of recording video from the screen, the mentor will be able to record training lessons for new employees or students will be able to show on video what exactly they do not understand.

Methods for training new employees using


→ recording instructions and lessons for new employees;

→ live learning through online monitoring of the student and mentor screen;

→ the student watching what is happening on the screens of other employees for experience.

To train new employees using, you need to activate the following tariffs:

Business structure

Screener app

Online employee monitoring

Screen video recording


Tariff Business structure will help you determine the number of companies and rooms in which you will see what is happening on the student screen.


Tariff Screener app will allow you to install the application on students' computers and start showing their screens.


Tariff Online employee monitoring is necessary here in order to create a virtual area where you will see screens of new employees. Also, when you connect this tariff, everything that happens on them will start to be recorded.


In order for students to see the screens of other employees and teachers, it is also necessary to activate the Remote team communication tariff.

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