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What amount of time employees work remotely?


In the office, employees are usually assigned a 40 hour work week. They come and leave the office at specific times. At a remote location, these boundaries are often erased and employees begin to plan the working day on their own, which is why managers cannot track the length of their working day. service makes it possible to control the working hours of employees. The application has integration with Clockify, a time management service. The user who has configured this integration will turn on the time tracker at the start of the working day and turn it off at the end, and all tasks in progress will be displayed there.

Methods for controlling the amount of time worked on


→ integration with Clockify;

→ start / stop time tracker;

→ creating reports on employees.


Reports on are generated by employee, company and project. Also, you can see a general report on current tasks.

To see how much time employees work remotely, just connect the tariffs:

Business structure

Time tracker


Tariff Business structure will help you determine the number of companies and rooms, in you can see the number of hours worked by employees.


Tariff Time tracker will make it possible to integrate with clockify, as well as view reports on employees in real time and download them. This tariff is connected separately for each employee.

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