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Is it possible to receive notifications about each stage of the workflow


In a remote work environment, companies try to maintain employee performance at the same level. In the office, managers always knew how the work process was going and what stage the task was at. It was enough to arrange a small meeting and find out how the employees' tasks are progressing.


At remote work, you can also find out how employees are doing using an online planning meeting, but this method is not enough without personal interaction with employees.

With, you can receive alerts about every step of the workflow. The platform integrates with Jira and Trello, so that any changes in these services (setting a new task, moving a task to another column, comments on a task, etc.) will immediately come to in the form of appropriate notifications.


Thus, the manager will know not only what task the employee is currently performing, but also what state it is in. Also, you can see whether the employee is working at a given time or not - you will also receive a notification about this.


Types of notifications on


→ notification about calls (incoming call, missed call, user did not answer the call);

→ notification of a new message in the chat;

→ notification of the start / stop of the employee's time tracker;

→ notification of tasks (assigning an employee as a performer in a task, moving a task to another column, a new comment in a task);

→ notification of the time spent on the task (half of the estimated time has passed, the estimated time has passed).

What tariffs must be connected to receive notifications:

Remote team communication

Time tracker

Task manager


Tariff Remote team communication must be activated if you would like to make calls and chat between employees and receive notifications about calls and new messages in the chat.


Tariff Time tracker you need to activate if you would like to receive notifications about when employees turn on the time tracker and when they turn it off. Also, you can download reports on the amount of time worked for each employee for any period.


Tariff Task manager must be connected if you would like to receive notifications about changes in assigned tasks. You can see how much time an employee spent on a task and at what stage he is. In addition, you can set new tasks for your employees through They will immediately go to Jira or Trello and the employee will receive a corresponding notification about the setting of a new task.

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