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Reducing the time for setting tasks in services


In a remote work environment, companies strive to maintain employee efficiency. That is why task management services are now so popular. With the help of them, the manager can set tasks and monitor their implementation in real time.


Using task managers is of great help to companies in organizing their workflow, but it is time consuming. The process of switching to the service, opening the desired project and describing the task takes from 5 to 10 minutes of working time. If you assign 10 employees several tasks a day, then too much working time will be spent on working in the project manager.

With you can save time on setting and managing tasks. Setting a task will take 1-2 minutes, it will immediately go to the task manager and will be visible to employees.

In addition, you can track the progress of tasks by employees both on their work screens and by receiving notifications.

To record video instructions using, you need to connect the following tariffs:

Task manager

Online employee monitoring

Business structure


Tariff Task Manager includes Jira and Trello integration, as well as a task manager. This tariff is connected separately for each employee.

With the Task Manager, you can quickly assign new tasks to employees directly on Tasks will automatically go to the service of your choice (Jira and Trello) and employees will be able to start performing them.


Tariff Online employee monitoring is necessary here in order to create a virtual area where you will be the process of performing tasks on the screens of employees. Also, when you connect this tariff, everything that happens on them will start to be recorded.


Tariff Business structure will help you determine the number of companies and rooms in which you will see what is happening on the screen of employees.

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