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Top-5 tools for remote work

Created by: Oct. 14, 2020, 12:07 p.m.

Against the backdrop of the situation with the coronavirus, many enterprises have transferred their employees to remote work. In this regard, companies thought about maintaining the same productivity and introducing new services that help to establish work processes remotely. In this article, we will highlight the top 5 tools for remote work and talk about them.



Trello is one of the simplest and most popular projects management systems. The work of the program is organized through the use of kanban boards. Trello is especially popular with startups and small companies.

To organize tasks in Trello, a board with cards is used, which, as a rule, are divided into the following types:

• to do;



Employees take tasks from the “To do” column, during the execution of a task, they move it to the “Doing” column, and upon completion of the task, it should be moved to the “Done” column. Thus, the manager will be able to track the progress of tasks and manage projects remotely.



Jira is perfect for project management in development. The main features of the program are to track the progress of work on a project. With the help of Jira, the manager can plan work on a specific project one or several weeks in advance and involve employees in the work by assigning them the necessary tasks.

An important advantage of Jira is that this remote work tool helps to track the performance of employees and the process of completing tasks. In addition, this service allows colleagues to work together on project tasks. They can interact in cards and exchange important information.



Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers that is ideal for interaction between employees. Employees can communicate both in separate conversations and in a general chat. The advantages of using this messenger are as follows:

making audio and video calls to other users;

fast delivery of messages and files;

ability to upload files of various formats;

high level of security.

Telegram guarantees that messages and files that users send to each other are fully protected from interception and prying eyes. That is why many companies prefer this particular tool for remote work for the communication of their employees.



Clockify is a time tracker that helps keep track of employees' working hours. This tool for remote work will show what time an employee starts his working day, how often he takes breaks, and when he ends it. Also, Clockify has reports with which you can see the length of the employee's working day, as well as the dynamics of his productivity per week/month/year. The advantages of using this service are as follows:

drawing up reports on employees for any period;

free, regardless of the functions used;

an unlimited number of companies and employees. is a software that helps to increase employee productivity. By implementing this product, the employer will be able to see the work of employees on the screen, monitor the performance of their assigned tasks, and also keep track of the working time of subordinates. is included in the top 5 tools for remote work as it can provide communication of remote employees and store files on its own secure service.


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