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Have employees become less productive?


With the transition to remote work, companies began to implement tools to help control the work of employees at a distance. Now each remote worker uses a time tracker, which he turns on at the beginning of the working day and turns on the task manager at the end, where the manager sets tasks for him, and he performs them.


The problem is that such tools do not allow the manager to find out what his subordinate is actually doing. The launch of the tracker does not mean that the employee actually started working. Perhaps he turned on the timer, and he himself began to do household chores or left home altogether.


The task manager also does not guarantee that the employee is busy working on current tasks. He can perform the task longer than expected and the manager often cannot control it.


This raises the question of whether employees will become less productive remotely and how can this be avoided?

With, you can not only set tasks for employees and connect a time tracker to them, but also see the progress of the task on the employee's screen and track the amount of time spent on each task.


Methods to improve employee productivity with


→ online monitoring of employee screens;

→ uploading reports on employees for any period of time;

→ displaying the task being performed on the employee's screen;

→ displaying the amount of time spent on a task on the employee's screen.

To implement these features, you need to connect the following tariffs:

Business structure

Online employee monitoring

Time tracker

Task manager


Tariff Business structure will help you determine the number of companies and rooms in which employees will work on tasks.


Tariff Online employee monitoring is necessary in order to create a virtual area where you will see the screens of all employees.


Tariff Time tracker will make it possible to integrate with clockify, as well as view reports on employees in real time and download them. This tariff is connected separately for each employee.


Tariff Task manager includes Jira and Trello integration, as well as a task manager. This tariff is connected separately for each employee.

With the Task Manager, you can quickly assign new tasks to employees directly on Tasks will automatically go to the service of your choice (Jira and Trello) and employees will be able to start performing them.


Together, these tariffs will allow you to see on the employee's screen exactly what task he is currently working on and how much time he has already spent on it. The screen itself will show what the user is doing. If the manager sees that the task is taking too long to complete, then he can look at the employee's screen and suggest how to complete the task faster and what needs to be fixed.

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