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How not to burden employees with various tools?


Now there are a large number of different services that help companies to establish productive work of a remote team. Employees will have to get used to working with new tools anyway, and we recommend not using services that can be dispensed with or that can be replaced by others. Choose one messenger, one task manager, one calling platform, etc. for the remote team.


If all the tools are implemented, then the employees will add work in new services to their main activities, the development of which will take employees time, and some a lot of time.


The specifics of the work of most companies involves the use of a large number of programs and services. With the massive transition of all employees to remote control, companies came to the conclusion that it is very inconvenient to manage a remote team using a large number of different programs. Then we decided to simplify the work and implement our solution. has integration with many services (Jira, Trello, Clockify and Telegram), which allows you to use just one software for communication, setting and monitoring tasks and monitoring employees' working time. This helps to optimize the work with various tools and reduce the workload of employees. makes your work easier. Online monitoring of screens, setting and tracking the process of completing tasks, controlling the amount of time worked, communicating with remote employees and managing a remote company now take place in one service.

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